Traditional & Digital Printing

Traditional Print

If you can imagine it…we can print it!
When quality and quantity coincide…Sprint Denver has the capacity to print an infinite amount of beautifully printed pieces on our traditional 6 color and 8 color presses. Because of our commitment to quality throughout our plant, we have maintained long relationships with our clients who expect consistency and caring throughout the life of their project.

Digital Printing

Good things come in small equipment
Sprint was a longtime coming to the table for digital printing. We were waiting until the equipment could achieve the quality that our clients have come to expect from our traditional presses.
Not just 4 colors, our 5 color digital always has white for printing on clear or black substrates and up to 18 pt.!

Specialty Coatings

Bells and Whistles
You say you want something extra….we can put UV, glitter, soft touch, scratch and sniff, fluorescent, scratch off on your piece. How about 250 metallic colors on a single piece with just a 5th color? Yep, with Color Logic, we can do that, too.

Foil Stamping, Emboss, Deboss, Die Cutting

The Time Machine
We have the ability to go back to the day of letterpress printing on an old fashioned Kluge. With the right selection of paper, these will lend a touch of craft to any project. Old is new again!
-Foil Stamping
-Die Cutting